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The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance

Applying the Principles of Peak Performance To Trading

"What I’ve discovered is that success doesn’t come from will, talent, or tactics. Peak performers recognize something that everyone else do not. They’ve discovered that success is both a path and a process."

After studying dozens of books and researching the areas of performance, psychology, emotions, and health + wellness, as well as interviewing dozens of high achievers across domains, I have distilled all the elements of high achievement into a high performance model for traders.

So if you're interested in going from "GOOD to GREAT" then The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance is an accessible way to start you journey.

In this course I will take you through these key concepts and share with your some practices and exercises which you can apply to your trading immediately.

  1. Find your Purpose
  2. Master your Inner Game
  3. Practice
  4. Embrace Stress
  5. Seek Mastery
  6. Tune Your Mind & body

Sounds easy right?

Here the thing, peak performers show up everyday. Everyday.

It is consistency that makes their success inevitable and sustainable.

Mediocrity on the other hand is built around the false belief that there's a finish line.

That there exists a place or time when we no longer need to try. Where we've quote unquote "done enough" to earn our place.

This place is a false summit.

There is always another summit to climb.

If you want to make a million dollars and you do, what then? Either your ambition will push you to desire more money, or you will realize that money was not really your goal. Either way, your climb doesn’t stop. There’s plenty more mountain ahead of you.

The orientation of the peak performer is to show up everyday.

Now let's get started shall we ...

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  Find Your Purpose
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  Embrace Stress
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  Seek Mastery
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Your Instructor


My trading journey is not unlike the journey of many other traders.

10 years ago I found out about trading when I went attended an options trading seminar put on by a well known trading outfit.

The idea of trading instantly fascinated me and I immediately jumped into trading.

For the next several years I tried trading many different instruments and styles and lost lots money trading all of them.

I still recall those "dark days" trying to find consistency in my trading and living in what I call - "No man's land".

That is making money, losing money, spinning my wheels, and just feeling lost.

My journey to becoming a consistent trader has less to do with some "a-ha" moment and more the realization that there are no shortcuts to becoming a professional trader.

Trading is something you do; but being a trader is someone you become.

Becoming a professional trader is something you must embody - that means consistently and diligently carrying out the perfect practices of trading day in and day out.

Realize that your trading is just a reflection of your own strengths and weaknesses, after all the market is simply reflecting back what you are bringing to the game.

So if your results are not where you want them to be then is incumbent upon you to develop yourself as trader - Trading can be a powerful tool for self development if you approach the markets with humility.

The sooner you stop searching for the holy grail, or blaming external events and circumstances, or looking for get rich quick schemes, the sooner you can truly begin to adopt the mind of a professional.

My mission now is to:

  • Help new traders ground themselves with the reality of the market,
  • Empower traders with realistic trading expectations,
  • Take good traders to great traders,
  • And most importantly help traders create a meaningful life through trading.

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